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Elyse Portrait
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Elyse Gomez | Austin, TX

As an artist, she embodies the rich diversity of her cultural background. She was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, from her father Jorge Gomez a refugee to the states after the military coup d'état in Chile, and mother Virginia Castel born and raised Creole. Being a product of two worlds, she draws inspiration from her Indigenous Mapuche roots and southern cajun practices to create visual experiences that are both unique and authentic.

Art has been her passion since she was young. She began showcasing her work and competing in competitions as early as elementary school. Her child hood, heavily influenced by First Nations teachings, has shaped her worldview, enabling her to see the world through a lens that is different from the traditional Western perspective.


Through her art and day to day life, she aims to preserve the stories and authenticity of assisting in modern man to remember his connection to the earth and all that is. Her goal is to promote a greater understanding of a pre colonial mindset, advocate and acknowledge the diversity that makes our world so rich and beautiful.


Overall, she is a creative force, constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional art to create something truly unique, inspiring, and beautiful.

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