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This series of works delves into the intricacies of the human psyche during a spiritual awakening or actualization of the self. Through this introspection, the raw and unvarnished truth of an idealized, yet lengthy process is revealed. The resultant feelings of disarray, disconnect, and discomfort are intrinsic to this transformative journey.  


Awareness of the unequal and unjust societal constructs prevalent in the Western world is often limiting to those who do not conform to an ideal or an easily defined label. These expectations are inculcated in individuals from birth in our W.E.I.R.D. society. This expedition uncovers the agonizing, self-limiting suffering that has become normalized due to generational trauma unattended. The process of self-discovery often involves delving into the darkness in order to discover greater truths that liberate the human mind from the chains that bind it.

The collection of work highlights the recognition of toxic patterns and the emergence of long-buried emotions that are expressed for the first time. A birth of a new consciousness is not always a beautiful or cohesive process, but it is necessary for life to expand and evolve.

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